About us

Czech Foundrymen Society (here in after Society only) is an association of civil subjects as an independent non-political legal person. The Society initiates and organizes symposiums, conferences, seminars, courses, thematic trips, discussion meetings, and other forms of activities. The Society publishes specialized publications or it supports other bodies in publishing them.

Traditional undertaking of the Society is an international conference with accompanying exhibition Foundry Days.

A Society member can be as follows:
– Individual member (natural person)
– Individual foreign member (natural person)
– Honorary member (natural person)
– Collective member (legal person)

Following groups work within the Society:
– Specialized commissions;
– Regional organizations;
– Clubs;
– Foundry branches.

The highest body of the Society is its general assembly. Proper general meeting is convened by the president one time a year. General assembly always after two years elects executive members and the control board. General assembly approves the Society by-laws, the election decree, activity reports, and the statement of account. It decides the place of the Society secretary office and all important relating matters. General assembly also determines the rates of member fees.
The executive manages the Society between regular meetings of general assembly. Its shorter organ is the presidium.
The control board is the highest inspection body of the Society between individual meetings of general assembly. It inspects Society accounting and activities.
Proper work of Society is managed by the secretariat which is a Society administrative organ. The secretariat work is executed by the secretary who is a Society employee. He participates in meetings of the executive and the presidium; he prepares documents for negotiations and works out the minutes. The secretary manages in particular the activities of the executive and its presidium, of the control board, and partially of Specialized Commissions or Regional Organizations.